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Currency Exchange/Credit Cards

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There is no credit card processor in Iran
Bring cash with yourself !


Currency Exchange:

Currently each USD is about 35,000 Iranian rials. You can change your money in currency exchanges stores.

For a better rate we suggest bring US Dollar or Euro instead of other currencies like Renminbi, Ruble, Lira, CAD or ...


Rial vs Toman
While ALL notes state ‘Rial’ there is another ‘currency’ or ‘super unit’ that is used – Toman – which is not listed on any note or coin.
Toman is simply one tenth of the Rial price.
Lost? It takes a couple of days to get used to, but in the majority of cases, unless stated clearly, all prices are in Toman and not Rial. Hence, the basic equation anywhere in Iran is to add a zero onto printed prices (if ‘Rial’ is not listed), or ask market vendors and others which ‘currency’ they are operating in to save the confusion.

Important notes:

1- Currency exchanges in Iran don't have commission. For example if each USD equals 35,000 Rials and your have 100 USD you must get 3,500,000 Rials.

Only exchange rate, not commission.


2- Do not change your money with people in the street, bus and ...

Most of currency exchanges stores in Iran are official and you can trust them.

3- In 90% of times rate is same in all currency exchanges. So don't waste your time for a better rate, change your money in nearest currency exchange.


4- Be aware many currency exchanges in Iran are closed in afternoon. So it's better to change your money in mornings (After 11:00 AM- Before 4:00 PM).


5- Although Iran official currency is Rial but all of people in Iran use "Toman (tümen)"  instead of Rial. Each Toman is 10 Rials.

For example 3,500,000 Rials is 350,000 Toman

If you buy something in Iran or eat foods ask seller about the currency. (Toman or Rial?)

For example if you see a meal in restaurant is 20,000. Surely a dinner in a normal restaurant is 20,000 Tomans (~$6) not 20,000 Rials ($0.6) !


Credit cards: MasterCard / VISA / Amex/ Discover/ Union Pay / JCB

Please keep in mind there is no credit card processor in Iran at this time. So please don't count on your credit cards.

Our help: "Come To Iran" can help you if you are in Iran and don't have cash, but it's not guaranteed.

If you have PayPal account we can get PayPal dollars to us and we will give you Rial without commission.



Come To Iran

Is a group of experts who try to assist you if you decided to come to Iran !

Be first !


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